• 5 month services (Seasonal)
  • Exterior Preventative 
  • 100 % Satisfaction
  • Covers All ants, Yellowjackets, wasp,centipedes,crickets, earwigs, beetles, millipedes
  • Prices based on square footage


  • 5 month service 
  • 4 exterior treatments 1 interior treatment 
  • 100 % guaranteed with all service agreements
  • We work around you, you set the time and day
  • IPM Plans are custom for your particular pest problem


  • 6 month coverage every other month
  • Service targets pest in season 
  • 5 mosquito, tick application
  • 1 interior inspection to see possible areas of interest for the pests and preventable measures 
  • Covers mosquitos and spiders, ticks

No matter the pest, we prevail. Every Time.

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We provide custom service plans for your needs.

Our customized plans are offered to help find a level of service that provides the best value for you.  Regardless of the type of pest or rodent, our team of professionals are ready to relieve you of your intruders.

As the owner of your home or business, you cannot ignore the risk to your health, reputation or structure.  Our team respects your needs and responds quickly and efficiently.  All of our clients may also ask that our service be provided in unmarked vehicles if discretion is needed.

Upon understanding your situation, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan.  Additionally, we will provide you with any preventative measures that can be implemented to ensure the solution is long-lasting.

Our services are offered for both Commercial and Residential properties in the state of Rhode Island.

Contact AAA Pest Control today to schedule a free pest inspection.  Our team responds to all inquiries within 24hrs.

Please contact a member from AAA Pest Control to schedule a free pest inspection of your residential or commercial property.

We are available 24/7/365

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